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The Conclusion of a Speech. In this lesson, you will learn how to end your
presentation with memorable fireworks. A powerful conclusion
has four main elements. 1, a brief summary of your main points. 2, an epiphany with
unforgettable last words. 3, thanking the audience. And 4, an opportunity for
the audience to ask questions. By the time you reach the conclusion
you have covered a lot of information. The first thing you should
do is to summarize the main points that you made earlier. A common mistake that amateur presenters
make is to end with that's all or that's all I have to say. This sounds lazy, boring, unsatisfying. It's like a movie with a terrible ending. Repetition is important for
comprehension and memory. So the audience needs a brief
review of what's important. Suppose that you've just finished
explaining the effects of air pollution and offered some solutions for
reducing this problem. You can say, to review, air pollution damages our environment,
economy, and bodies. By making the choice to embrace
greener forms of transportation and encouraging the government to
be stricter with manufacturers, the quality of life will be better for
us and our progeny. To summarize, air pollution hurts
not only our environment but also our economic and physical well-being. If we embrace greener forms
of transportation and encourage the government to be
stricter with manufacturers, we are helping ourselves and our families. In conclusion, air pollution
negatively impacts our environmental, economic and physical health. We must adopt greener forms
of transportation and encourage the government to be
stricter with manufacturers. In a nutshell, air pollution kills. For humankind to survive and
thrive, green transportation and manufacturing laws must be espoused. After reviewing the main points,
offer an epiphany. These are the last words that you
will say about your topic, so it needs to be memorable. End with a bang,
a grand finale of fireworks. There are many techniques to choose from. A common technique is to synthesize
the main points that you summarized, show how everything connects together or
how it becomes a domino effect. Looking to the future is popular, too. What will happen in 10, 20, or 50 years? You can demonstrate with a prop. Hold up an object such
as your car keys and remind the audience that these car
keys are the same keys to my lungs. That's why I bought an electric
car that doesn't rely on gasoline. Quotations and
slogans are also very effective. You could quote a famous person. Or you could create your
own fun catchy phrase, like no pollution is the best solution. Then you can make a call for action. Ask the audience members to do something. If you want the audience to show the
government that they support your ideas, this would be a good time to pass
that petition for people to sign. If you used a hook in the introduction
of your speech, use a tieback. Refer back to the same story,
statistic, or picture that you used in your opening remarks and
say, now you know why this happens. These are just some ideas. The possibilities are endless. No matter what techniques you choose, end on a positive note. You want the audience to feel
happy at the end, not sad. Fireworks are exciting, not depressing. After your firework ending, don't move. Keep smiling, but stay absolutely still for at least a few seconds. The audience will start clapping. Then you can thank the audience for their time, and tell them how they can get more
information about this presentation topic. For instance, if you're using
a presentation tool like PowerPoint, you should quickly show a list of the
sources that you cited during your speech. You can say things like,
for more information, here are some interesting books and
websites. Do you have any questions or comments? I'd now like to open the floor for
questions and comments. In this lesson, you learned that
a powerful conclusion includes a brief summary, a memorable epiphany, a sincere
thank you, and time for questions. If you end with these four elements, you'll be celebrating your victory
with spectacular fireworks.

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