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So the fifth criterion that you'll be
using to peer assess your colleagues' work is referring to appropriate referencing
and acknowledgement of sources cited. Now, I've also provided another video
that you might have already seen that's available from within the course outside
and within the actual assignment text, which is about providing evidence and
referencing. And so, you might have
already looked at that video. But in terms of how I applied
the different standards for this particular criteria, and all of the
different questions, when you look at it, most of them, not all, but most of them,
are asking for some sort of evidence. So if they did not reference or
acknowledge any examples or any evidence to support their arguments,
nothing from the videos, nothing from literature, their colleagues'
experiences, or from a website they might have come across, then you would
select the not at all standard. Now, if they sometimes
provide some referencing and evidence to support their arguments,
but maybe not always. So for example, maybe they
provide evidence on what sort of evaluation strategy they will use to
evaluate their online activity, but they neglected to provide any evidence
to support their engagement strategy. Then you would select the sometimes
standard, because that would mean sometimes they provided some evidence,
other times, they might have not done so. And if they always provided
some sort of referencing or acknowledgement of where they
received sources of examples and evidence to support their argument, so
both for evaluation and for what sort of engagement strategies they might use,
or what sort of activity they designed. Then you would select the always standard,
that is if they consistently provided evidence throughout in the questions
that asked for some sort of evidence. So that will be always centered. So if you only see some
evidence missing in some areas, then you would select sometimes. And just to quickly take a look
at all of the criterion. The first one, for example, I didn't
specifically ask for any sort of evidence. So they might not have provided
any evidence for that one. But if you look at the particular
criterion where it did ask for evidence, the second one asked for examples in terms of how alignment
related to their activity. And evaluation asked for evidence and
engagement asked for evidence. Then, you would be looking for
some sort of evidence to be provided. Now, that could be just
one form of evidence. It could be a link to one video,
it could be one article or one website that they might have looked at
or it could be multiple different ones. So it's not so
much about the quantity of evidence but about enough evidence to support their
arguments and if they've done that for all the questions that required it,
you would select the always standard.

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