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We just want to quickly talk about
assignment one, selecting technology. We just want to give you an idea about
what this assignment aims to do and what we expect from you
in this assignment. >> So, in this first assignment in our
MOOC, we're really asking you to think about your class, a class you teach, a
class you might be teaching in the future, and think about whether you want to,
what needs to change in that class. So for example, do you want to redesign,
or create a new assignment, a new resource, a new activity,
and then think about what sort of technology would support
that activity assessment or resource. So you only need to pick one. And you need to think about
why you've picked it. And what sort of technology
would best support it. So we've offered in that assignment
three basic biting questions for you, with an optional one that
we'll speak about in a second. But the first one is really just
asking you to very briefly describe your chosen activity,
assessment, or research. For example, perhaps you want to engage your students
in using a blog as a reflective journal. So the activity is for them to,
every week in your class, to reflect on what they're learning
in your particular subject area. >> Can I just say though I think it's
important that we don't want you to fully describe what this activity is. To the depth that Negin just did is fine. So whether it's just a blog to do this or whether it's an online resource you
want to create for some other reason. It's just to give the outline because
really this assignment is about choosing the technology you want to use. And thinking about the reasons
why you want to choose it. And what's good and bad about those different technologies
that you need to consider. >> But you also want to think about
that it's not about the technologies. So you don't want to select
the technology up front. You want to actually select what you
want your students to be able to do. So if we go back to the example I was
giving, if you want them to reflect on what they're living in their course
a great way to do that is using a blog, for example. And that's why you need to say,
you've chosen a blog because it's an activity where you want your students
to be reflecting on the course material. Now if you want to also assess that,
give them some marks for doing that, then that becomes an
assessment task and that's fine as well. So very briefly and in about 100 words,
or if you're doing a video approximately a minute,
give a brief overview of the activity, the assessment, to resource,
why you selected it, to create or redesign and what technology you
think would best support it. Then, going into that second question,
now we're asking you to talk about why you selected that
particular technology over others. >> So, the things to think about there,
it pays to go through the modules in the course that talk about open and
institutionally supported technologies. Why is online teaching important? All those things will actually help
you validate your decisions, and we want you to reflect upon the real
reasons why you're choosing it. So you'll see the questions
that we're asking. We want you to answer those directly,
and it will actually guide you into thinking about those particular
reasons for your choices. Now the optional part at the end. For those of you who are already
working in an educational institution, we ask you to think about any policies or-
>> Strategies. >> Strategies that are in place from
your institution that you need to think about when you're
implementing your idea. Now again,
if you're not teaching in an institution, you don't have to worry about this part. But if you are, spend some time
investigating it, because it will ultimately help you form an idea that
you can use in your real work practice. >> Right, so for example,
in your institution you might have to be using the learning management
system that your institution provides. And perhaps you don't have the flexibility
of using an open technology. Those are some of the constraints you
just might have to be working with. So that's why we're asking you to just
consider what those constraints and limitations might be when you're
selecting the technology for your class.

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