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Hi, we're now going to listen to
some real sounds of real languages. We have asked all our
informants to give us a list of all the consonants in their language. And they're going to read this list to you
and they're also going to give a word for every one of these consonants in
which this consonant occurs. And it's going to be your exercise to
find the system in these consonants. On our course page you will find a table
of consonants, of possible consonants, and you have to figure out which
of the consonants occur for every language in that table. And by doing so, you will find which
features are used in this language, which places of articulation are used,
which manners of articulation are used, which kinds of voicing
are used in this language. That's going to be the first part of
the exercise, fill in the table and find the system. The second part of the exercise is
to find the gaps in the system. So given the places and
manners of articulation for instance, you might expect certain
combinations to occur as well. But they're not all going
to occur in all languages. So combinations of place and
manner which don't occur we call gaps, and it's your task to also find those gaps. Our first informant is Khalid. And Khalid is now going to give you the
list of all consonants in his language. You will find the solution to this exercise
for Khalid on our course page. And there, you will also find the other
videos for the other informants so that you can start doing
this exercise yourself. If you're following the advanced track or if you think this kind of thing is fun to
do, you can also upload your own video. So load your own language, some other
language which interests you and you can find some native speaker,
mention all the consonants, and some word in which those consonants occur. And remember, with consonants, we don't
just mean all the consonant letters, but all the different consonant sounds. You can upload those videos then to our
course page, and while you're there, and in any case you can go to our
course page for our final video where we're going to have some fun
discussion about some more topics and we're going to end with a conclusion
about the sounds of human language.

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