خبرگان زبان مقدماتی + معرفی هان هو، سخنران چینی ماندارین

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Hi, we have been talking a lot
languages now, but maybe it's time to
also look at some
real languages and some real speakers. And that's what we're just about to do. So, at this point in every
module of this MOOC, we're going to look at
some real language
data. We found informants
from all over
the world to give us data about their
language. And in every module, we will
look at
the specific topic we're studying in that module for all those different languages,
and you are going
to do that, you are going to do most of
that analysis. I'm going to present you
a little bit
about how to get data from an informant, and we will show to you how you
can analyze those data, but then most of the videos will be there
you to study, and that's going to be
part of your homework. In this very
first module we're just introducing the
speakers we have. We're asking
them a few
things about their languages. It's going to be your task to
check what they say against
some of the available sources like
which we have discussed before. With me now here is Han Hu,
who is going to tell me a little bit about her language
and her own
linguistic situation. So, tell me, what
is your language,
and tell me a few things about it. >> Yeah. My language is
Mandarin Chinese. Mandarin Chinese is
spoken by Han people. It's, there are
nearly 1 billion
people who speak it, and as, I know that people in Singapore and
Malaysia also speak
Chinese. Mm, in a narrow sense Mandarin
refers to standard Chinese and it is the official language
in People Republic of China. >> And this is your native language. >> Mm, yeah. I think I
spoke, I,
I speak Jinyu. It is a dialect
branch of,
of Mandarin Chinese. And I think it's very different
from Mandarin Chinese. Hm, but I began to study standard
Chinese when I was 6
years old. At that time I, I was an, I
was just
go to, went to the elementary school. Hm, yeah, it was a compulsory to study
Mandarin Chinese,
standard Chinese. And we have to speak
in the public areas. >> And
are there
any other languages you speak? >> I just
speak English hm, [LAUGH]. >>
Fortunately. You will find our analysis of the data
you have just heard on the course page. On that course page you will also find all the other
introductory videos of our informants. And we invite you to study those. If you're following the advanced track,
or, if you're just into this kind of things, there's a very fun thing for you to do,
this to, this is to upload your own video.
In every module, you can upload your own video. For a language which interests you for some reason.
Maybe it's your own language, maybe it's some language of your neighbor,
of your friend, or a language which interests you for
some other reason. Find a speaker of that language, ask them the questions
which we are asking of our informants, make a video,and upload that video.
In that way, it will also be fun for all the rest of us,
we will have many more data to look at and to study. But in any case come over to the last
video of this particular module.
In this last video, we will summarize what we've seen so far,.
and we will discuss a little bit more some of the interesting,
of the marvelous miracles of human language.

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