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Hi, and wow this is already
the last video in this module. I hope you have enjoyed it. I hope you have the feeling that
you have learned a few things. I hope you got our main message. I think the main message of this
module is that these words, human and language, really belong together. That language is something very
specifically human on the one hand, and on the hand that virtually all human beings
have language in one form or another. I'm sure that you still
have many questions. And hopefully,
some of these questions will be answered in later modules of this MOOC. There will be other questions
which you can already ask now and can start discussing now
with each other and with us. For this, you can go to the online
forum which we have on our course page. Here you can discuss all kinds of topics
which you think are relevant to this MOOC. And as a matter of fact, Marten has
already prepared one question for us. >> So, the question that I'm at this point
most interested in finding an answer to, is based on some,
something that our informant said. So, what I'd like to know is,
is there a linguistic way to really distinguish between what
a language is, and what a dialect is? >> Yeah, right. Yeah, this is,
people feel very passionate about this, so some of our informants have also felt
very passionate about this question of whether what they speak is a language or
a dialect. And I'm sure that also among you there
will be many who have this particular question. And the only thing I can say now that this
is a question which is difficult to answer from a scientific point of view, and that's also because it's partly
also a political question. It's also, just who decides, who has
the power to decide about these issues. But in order to really
study this question, I invite you to go to our reading
material on our course page. You'll feel, you'll find a lot
of interesting things there which we ask you to read. And that will also give at least a partial
answer to your, Marten's, question. So, go there and
go to our forum to discuss things there. Well, I hope you already found the time to
do the exercise with our informants and got to know all of them. But let me remind you that
we also have a weekly quiz. And if you do the weekly quiz, you will be
maximally prepared for the next module. In this next module, we will stop being so
completely introductory, and we will really move into the language. We will really start
studying the language. And we will start from the smallest
building blocks of language. What are those smallest building blocks? They are the sounds of human language.

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