Conclusion; dyslexia

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Hi. This week we looked at
language in the brain. We have seen that there's two
subdisciplines of linguistics, studying language in the brain,
psycholinguistics and neurolinguistics. We have seen how studying
language problems, aphasia, can inform us about how language works
in the brain, and where exactly it is. And we have looked at
reading in the brain. Where do we store letters and
characters in the brain, and what that teaches us about the brain and
about language. There's still many questions, I'm sure. There's still many things to discuss,
and I Invite you all to come over to our forum on the Coursera page and
discuss these questions with us. And Inga, and
has already prepared one such question. >> Yes, so we've looked into
speech errors already and we've also looked into
the reading process, but what we haven't looked into of course is
what can go wrong when you try to read. So let's go to the forum and
discuss dyslexia, for example. >> Exactly.
So this lecture's a very interesting topic. I'm sure that many of you
are interested in it. It's a topic which also has
evoked a lot of scholarly debate. I'm sure you can discuss it and
profit from that on our forum page. So, come over to that or
come over at least next week for the last module of our Miracles of Human
Language to discuss language in society.

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