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Hi, we're now going to look at a semantic
problem in some real languages. The semantic problem is
one of kinship terms. We have asked all of our informants to
list the kinship terms in their languages, kinship terms are names for
family members. How do we describe relations? And it's not just the case,
obviously it's the case that all languages have different words for
the same relationships, but actually different languages might
even name different relationships. We're going to see that in
the languages we hear, sometimes relationships are named for which
English doesn't have any name at all. Let's look at an example. The example is going to be provided
in this module by Roberta, who's going to give us
the list of her kinship terms. >> [FOREIGN] >> On that course page you can obviously also find a video for
our other informants, so that you can start solving this problem
for these other languages as well.

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