تمرین و پاسخنامه

تمرین و پاسخنامه

Being able to take effective notes during a lecture is an important skill that takes time and practice to get comfortable with. This assignment is an opportunity for you to get some experience listening to part of an authentic lecture on a university campus and taking notes good enough to answer the questions that follow. You will get the added benefit of learning something interesting or important from the content of the lecture.
The clip for this second week that you will be listening to is from a lecture titled “What is Chemical Biology?” by Dr. Greg Weiss.
Open the document below, and follow the directions. Remember, the directions will tell you where to find the lecture to listen to for this activity. You can check your answers later.

Lecture and Note-Taking Practice 2 Directions


You should have done the Lecture and Note-Taking Practice 2. After you do that, you should check your answers and compare your notes to the ones below.

Lecture and Note-Taking Practice 2 Answer Key

Lecture and Note-Taking Practice 2 Sample Notes