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So far, you've been learning how to analyze information that you understand. But what if you don't understand? What if you just don't understand
what the professor is saying? Well, there's no need to panic. Here are some strategies for
how to handle unfamiliar information. First, you can greatly reduce this
problem if you do the assigned readings. Most professors base their lectures
off of the assigned readings. You will be able to understand a lot
more if you've done your homework. Let's say that you have done the reading
and you still don't understand. There's still no need to panic. Think to yourself,
how important is this information? Is it a main idea? Maybe you don't even need to understand. If the professor is giving extraneous details or a redundant example,
then you don't need to worry about it. You're only looking for main ideas. For more tips about this,
please go to the following lessons. Main ideas versus details and
identifying important points. Now if the information
does seem important, then move on to step three,
write what you can. Common methods include A,
guessing the spelling. And B, drawing blank lines. For examples, I'm going to say a sentence. Imagine that you don't understand what I'm saying when I cover my mouth. Photo is the process in which sunlight
is converted into energy for plants. Of these two methods, A is the best way. Spell out what you hear. With B, I'd use a blank line to show missing information. No matter which method you
use you must four, follow up. Go back and fill in the missing information as
soon as possible after the lecture. Here are some suggestions. A, review the assigned readings. It is likely that you will find the information here. B, compare notes with a classmate. Learn from and have fun with each other. C, go to the professor's office hours. This is an excellent way to show him or
her how much you care about this class. Remember, you're not the only
one who has questions. Native English speakers also encounter unfamiliar information and use these strategies to fill in missing gaps. The key is not to panic or else your mind will become useless. It is possible for you to understand if you remain calm.

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