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Hello, I am Cecilia. This video is about
writing as a process and how breaking up a writing assignment
into several stages can help you avoid some problems that
essay writers often face. We all get stuck occasionally
when trying to produce a text, especially if the topic poses a challenge,
and if we don't know how to tackle it. Analyzing the task at hand by breaking
it down into smaller components is a fruitful way to get past this
initial kind of writer's block. Many writers find process
writing a useful method. Now, using a process-oriented approach
means that you divide the task into different stages. And a good thing about this method is that
as you're text develops, you see that you need to return to previous stages to
make additions and to revise your work. The fact that process writing makes
you go back in order to rewrite for improvement is the reason why this method
is sometimes described as Loop writing. Now, let's us look at the three
basic stages of the writing process. Before you start to write,
you need to define your topic, decide how to approach it and of course
collect material for your project. This is the pre-writing or
invention stage. At this initial stage,
its a good idea to write down a preliminary plan of what you'll
think will be your main points and also outline how you aim to present
your argument and in what order. Depending on what works for
you such initial writing can be done with bullet points or
in the form of a mind map. This tentative plan will then serve
as a road map for your writing. So the second step in the writing process
is to produce a first draft based on your blueprint plan. As you write you're likely to discover
that some of your initial ideas don't work or
that you need to add some section or aspect that you didn't know of or
think of at the pre-writing stage. A good thing about process writing is that
it caters for that development as you are expected to evaluate, rethink,
and rewrite as you work on your text. In fact rewriting, which is the third
stage of the writing process may well take up as much
time as the initial writing. It's thus important to recognize
the need for revision and development. Writing a perfect text at once is
difficult maybe even impossible, in other words, writing takes time. Now to make the most of the time you have
at your disposal, planning is essential, so make sure you set off enough time for
invention, writing and for rewriting. If you have time to leave your text for
a day or two in between the stages or even while working on a specific passage,
this will help you create a distance which will make it much easier for
you to review your own text. And did you know that research shows,
that students who apply a process oriented approach to their writing and who revise
their texts while working on them, learn more about the subject they
write about and produce better essays. So, writing for a course is not
just about producing a text, that will earn you credits but,
also a learning opportunity. [MUSIC]

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