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[MUSIC] So you already know how to count from one to ten. [FOREIGN]. Now let's keep going. After [FOREIGN], we have [FOREIGN]. Now, if we want to add numbers on to 20, the [FOREIGN] changes to [FOREIGN] and we add the numbers that you know. So, [FOREIGN] and so on. When you get to 30, it's [FOREIGN]. And we just use the conjunction [FOREIGN]. And so on. You get to 40, [FOREIGN]. And so on. For 50, [FOREIGN]. [FOREIGN]. We get to 60, [FOREIGN]. We get to 70, [FOREIGN]. Be careful between 60 and 70. One is [FOREIGN]. The other is [FOREIGN]. We get to 80, [FOREIGN]. We get to 90, [FOREIGN]. Now when you get to 100, by itself you have the word [FOREIGN], that means 100. But if you're going to count more,
what are you going to do? Well, you already know how to say one, two, three, four, five. You have your tens as well. You're going to use the form [FOREIGN] and then add all the numbers that you just learned. So [FOREIGN]. If you get up to, for instance, 120, [FOREIGN]. If it's 122, [FOREIGN]. If it's 133, [FOREIGN]. If it's 166, [FOREIGN]. If it's 176 [FOREIGN]. So you get the idea. Practice these numbers. There are a lot of numbers and you need to practice them,putting together all of the small numbers with the tens.

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