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SPEAKER: Another way to ease your reading load during university studies is to read strategically. In this video
lesson, we'll learn about a method for strategic reading called SQ4R. SQ4R stands for survey, question, read, respond, record, and review. Let's briefly discuss each of these steps. Start out by looking at the general structure of the text. Notice the title, any headings, as well as charts and figures. Skim the introduction and the conclusion of the paper. This will give you a general idea of what you're about to read and allow you to estimate the amount of time it will take you to complete. You shouldn't spend more than five minutes on this step for an average textbook chapter. Next, create some questions to answer before you read. If your professor has provided any questions or a study guide, you can use these. Alternatively, you can turn each section of the chapter or text into a question using the five WH question words who, what, where, when, why, and how. Either way, this will focus your attention on the information that you should be able to get from the reading assignment. Now, read the text. Try to find answers to each of the questions you just wrote down. After you finish reading, try to answer each of the questions in your own words without looking back at the text. This is a powerful technique to ensure that you understand the information you read. Record any important concepts by highlighting, underlining, or taking notes. This will make it much easier to locate during subsequent study time. Get in the habit of regularly reviewing the important information from each of your reading assignments. A good guideline is to review once a week each week until you are tested over the information. This will help the content stay fresh in your mind. Utilizing SQ4R as you read textbooks, essays, and research articles will keep you actively engaged with the text. In this way, you'll have an increased understanding of the topic and you'll be more likely to remember the information later on.

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