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The fast growing technology trends in recent years are toward converging technologies based on converging advanced sciences breaking the borders of the traditional technological and scientific fields. The continuously growing demand on the need of human or in general life oriented technologies is leading the most of the converging technologies and sciences in this direction such as creation of smart drug deliveries, smart machines, lab on chips, and humanoids. In this regard, the sensors and in particular biosensors have a major role as the eyes of these technologies. While the world of the sensors is one of the widest fields in science being covered by variety of advanced sciences, the biosensors are becoming the dominant devices due to the fast growing human oriented converging technologies. And while the sensor technologies have a long history, the highly needed emerging biosensors has attracted special attention in many aspects, such as even economically. Mega Projects such as smart robots and humanoids, or Google lens demand very high expertise and funding but they are so beneficial that heavy investments on them are still very attractive. In the world of sensing, there are many scientific area involved, and in this talk we will review the classes of sensors based on THz & IR radiation, smart materials, superconducting magnetometers, charge sensitivity, 2D material devices, plasmonic, and micro-fluidics.

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