Hi professor.
I wrote my question in English although I know I will make mistakes.

Excuse me, what's 'running' structure in the sentence below?

To avoid delays these delays, railroads started running freight trains at night.

I know my question is so simple, but I try to learn.

sincerely Roshan





سید احسان روشن
21:56 1397/11/08
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Dear Ehsan

There are some verbs in English after which you can use gerund.


آرمین احمدی
استاد دوره
16:02 1397/11/10

برای طرح سوال در تالار گفتگو باید در درس ثبت نام کرده و ایمیل خود را در قسمت ویرایش پروفایل وارد کنید.